What No-Code Software Really Looks Like

Due in no small part to recent advances in AI and its ability to automate everything it touches, the technology industry has become increasingly drawn to the idea of low-code no-code software over the last five years. Tech analysts and industry vendors appear to agree on the suggestion that we don’t have enough software developers on the planet, so software that allows developers to build apps faster and businesspeople to build apps for themselves is seen as an important new development route… if not quite an all-encompassing panacea.

It’s important to remember that low-code is not the same as no-code. It’s not the same at all. No-code is for businesspeople (as we will explain and clarify below) and is really all about telling the system the functions you want and knowing that the technology can build it for you. Low-code is still for developers and (as we have said before) is still pretty complex, but it does offer a means of making things faster for people who have tangible software engineering skills.

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